Roadmap To College Ready

Follow these five steps to prepare everything you need to get into a great school at an affordable price, without the confusion.

1. ACT and SAT Prep

With a personalized study plan, dedicated tutor, and quality questions, our students usually increase their ACT scores by 5-10 points and SAT scores by 150-300 points.

2. Choosing Colleges

Selecting the right colleges to apply to is the most overlooked way to maximize your prep. Knowing what schools you want to go to lets you customize your prep for exactly what your colleges are looking for.

3. Scholarships & Funding

Don't miss out on free funding.
Millions of dollars in scholarships go to waste each year, because students just don't apply. We help students research scholarships, create winning applications, and stay accountable.

4. Applications

Become a candidate colleges compete for. Showing schools your best side requires a plan. Learn to tell your story, craft your best essays, and apply strategically.

5. Decision

Congratulations—you’ve received several offers. Some colleges are ranked more highly, but others are offering more financial aid. If you don’t know how to choose, we can help.

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